President Hinkley Visits - June 2000

Gordon B. Hinkley visited Thailand on June 13-14, 2000. This was the first visit to Thailand by the president of the Church. While in Thailand an "early birthday celebration" was held on June 13, President Hinckley spoke to about 2,000 members and investigators on June 14, and also paid a visit to the prime minister. In the picture at the left he is greeting Sister Srilaksana Suntarahut at his birthday dinner. During his visit he promised that one day a Temple would be built in Thailand.

Gordon B. Hinckley visited Thailand several times as a general authority. His visits include the following:

  • 1966 - Dedication of Thailand for the Preaching of the Gospel
  • 1976 - Visit with members and missionaries
  • 1987 - Stopped in Thailand on his way from Hong Kong to Burma (Myanmar). Met with some missionaries near the old Don Muang airport.